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Dr. Sapphire Vanderlip, ND

Dr. Vanderlip completed her Bachelor of Chemistry at the University of Victoria and is a graduate of Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine. 

She runs a general family practice with a particular focus on infectious and autoimmune disease, digestive and skin health, women’s health, neurological health, fatigue, anxiety, depression, and sleep.  She is certified in Pharmaceutical Prescribing, Intravenous Vitamin and Mineral Therapy, Toxic Metal Chelation, Acupuncture and Lyme Disease Treatment.  Dr. Vanderlip works with her patients to find the root cause of their illness and offers treatments drawing on traditional and modern healing methods.


For more information on Dr. Vanderlip, please visit her personal website at:

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We are a general family practice concerned with treating all members of the family with health and wellness issues ranging from optimizing well being and longevity to treatment of acute and chronic disease.

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