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Mora Therapy

Mora therapy is named after Dr. Franz Morell, MD, and electrical engineer, Erich Rasche.  It is a modern healing modality that has been well established in Germany and abroad for more than 25 years. 

It is founded in the Laws of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Homeopathy.  We typically think of biological processes as being completely chemical in nature.  This is not so.  All biochemical processes within living organisms are governed by information systems that are electromagnetic in nature.  In other words, electromagnetic energy , in the form of electron and protons, govern all chemical reactions.    Without this electromagnetic energy chemical reaction could not take place and therefore life could not exist. 

As far back as the 1940’s and continuing on through today, such scientists as German physicist  Dr. Albert Popp and Yale University professor Dr. William Burr clearly demonstrated that all biochemical and biological systems are influenced by minute electromagnetic fields.

Mora therapy is a very efficient and non invasive method of rebalancing the bodies own biophysical ‘electronic’ information.  It does not use any external forces of electricity and thus, is not an electrical or magnetic therapy.  Instead it uses the patients own micro-electromagnetic energy, which is directed to the Mora instrument via hand held and foot electrodes. 

The goal of Mora therapy is to rebalance the meridian systems within your body.  Meridian information is recorded by the instrument, much like a biofeedback machine, processed, modified and returned to the patient in a specific therapeutic form, which cancels pathological information while at the same time amplifies the positive information (i.e. the Mora instrument cancels negative influences and corrects and amplifies positive influences).

Often secretions and excretions are used in Mora therapy such as saliva, blood and urine to make treatment more effective.

At the Kamloops Naturopathic Clinic we use Mora Therapy for the general treatment of conditions such a food, inhalant, chemical and environmental allergies, arthritis, immune dysfunction, neurotransmitter & hormone imbalance, and many others.

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