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Mistletoe Therapy


Mistletoe with its striking appearance and unusual flowering and ripening habits (flowers and ripens in the winter) grows on trees. It has been known and used as a medicinal plant ever since ancient times for the treatment of spleen enlargement, epilepsy, arteriosclerosis, hypertension and rheumatic disorders. Dr. Rudolf Steiner first recommended mistletoe therapy as a cancer treatment in 1920. In the 1970’s the non-profit Association of Leukaemia and Cancer Therapy developed HELIXOR mistletoe preparations in order to develop a new manufacturing process to improve the therapeutic success that had been achieved by mistletoe. Since then, clinical experiences have yielded great results. Doctors using it in their therapy along with Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy have found that mistletoe supports the body’s function, which is vital for the healing process, thus strengthening the body’s defence from cancer.


Mistletoe contains two groups of toxins: viscotoxins and lectins. Both are known to dissolve and inhibit the growth of cancer cells. The viscotoxins and lectins are extracted from the mistletoe and fermented to produce the extract. The extract is sealed in ampoules and used as injections. Refinements to its special manufacturing process have progressively enhanced its efficacy.

There are four species of mistletoe; only the white berried ones are used in cancer treatments. The HELIXOR preparation consists of a watery extract from fresh, young mistletoe plants (Viscum album L.). It is harvested four times a year (winter, spring, summer and fall) in order to make use of the plant’s different developmental stages. The extract is sterilized by sterile filtration. HELIXOR is produced from three subspecies of white berry mistletoe. The different sorts include:

1. HELIXOR A (abeitis) from the fir tree mistletoe
2. HELIXOR M (mali) from the apple tree mistletoe
3. HELIXOR P (pini) from the pine tree mistletoe

Aside from botanical characteristics, the individual sorts vary qualitatively and quantitatively in composition which is expected to trigger different reactions with different patients. The advantage to this is that in case of intolerance or inadequate or diminished efficacy, a different sort may be administered.

HELIXOR mistletoe therapy works through the stimulation of the self-healing powers of cancer patients by stimulation of inflammatory-immunological process. This is marked by inflammatory local reaction at the s.c. injection site, increase in body temperature, increase in leukocyte count (white blood cell count), and enhanced peritumoral inflammatory reaction (local reaction, fever).



Clinical studies to date have suggested that Mistletoe treatment can produce:

• Improvement in quality of life
• Reduction of side effects with conventional medicine
• Improvement in warmth organism
• Better sleep
• Less pain
• Improved resistance to infection
• Fewer side effects from Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy


Mistletoe is generally administered just under the skin in the abdominal area or thigh in the morning, normally 3 times a week. It is usually administered at first by the Doctor and then followed up by the patient at home. You will be asked to monitor your temperature to track the effects of the treatment. Mistletoe therapy has generally proven to be well-tolerated. A localized reaction (redness, swelling, itching and pain) at the injection site occurs along with some flu-like symptoms. These reactions usually occur at the beginning of the treatment but disappear as the dosage increases.

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